Deer Valley Wins Arizona Quality Alliance Showcase in Excellence Award for 2011

5 Oct

The Deer Valley Unified School District through a partnership with the Valley Schools Management Group (VSMG) have been awarded the Arizona Quality Alliance Showcase in Excellence Award for 2011.  This recognition is well earned for their outstanding projects in utility redesign and management.  Jim Migliorino, Associate Superintendent for Fiscal Services at the Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) spearheaded this project and brought in support from VSMG.  The multi-year project has been amazingly successful.







Jim Migliorino, Associate Superintendent DVUSD

In addition, Tim O’Brien CEM, CEA, Director of Utility Management Programs for Valley Schools and John Brunelle of Valley Schools have presented this information in conjunction with the Malcolm Baldridge Foundation for consideration for that national award, appearing on the programs for the Regional Baldridge Conferences.  You can see the information on their presentation here, followed by the conference detail for the upcoming October 11, 2012 presentation at the next link.

The project was started to earn Energy Star ratings for all DVUSD schools and facilities, starting as a pilot program and extending from there into solar installations and credits as well.  Here is an example of the utility complexity at a high school:


The results of this multi-year project are clear.  Here are the savings in percentages each year.  Total savings to DVUSD already exceed $1 million.

•2008 to 2009 → reduction of kWh of 7.9%
•2009 to 2010 → reduction of kWh of 7.6%
•2010 to 2011 → reduction of kWh of 10.92%
•2011 to 2012 → reduction of kWh of 7.52%
•Largest recipient of utility company energy rebates (APS Solutions for Business)
•6+ megawattage of solar installations
DVUSD is to be congratulated on their outstanding work.  If you want to see more details, please click on the above links and attend the October 11, 2012 conference.

Deer Valley High School Solar Panels




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